What kind of funding programs do you have?

We are working capital asset-based lenders. We specialize in providing funding to companies that have cash flow problems.  ArTex Funding’s array of funding solutions includes lines of credit, term loans or factoring loans. Our programs leverage one of your corporate-owned assets as collateral.

What kind of collateral is that?  

ArTex can loan against almost any corporate asset. This includes but is not limited to equipment, inventory, contracts, real estate, invoices, settled corporate law suits and purchase orders.

What do I need to do to be considered for a loan?  

You will be sent a simple two-page application and a list of financial documents we need to get you underwritten. Very simple, fast and easy.

What are your interest rates?  

Every program we offer realizes a different interest rate. Purchase order funding, for example, costs approximately 4 to 5% of the purchase order per month. Invoice funding rates are 3% or less per month per invoice. (up to net 90) Real estate loans range anywhere from bank rates (5 to 7%) to private money rates of 12 to 17%.

How long you’ve been in business?  

We’ve been helping companies that can’t qualify for conventional funding for almost 6 years now. 

What’s the range of dollar amount that you loan? 

ArTex generates loans as small as $30 thousand and as large as $40 million.

What can these loans be used for?  

Business acquisition, payroll funding, corporate debt consolidation, working capital gaps, bridge loans, buy inventory, purchase of or refinance for commercial real estate. We fund these type of situations and more every day. 

Can you fund my company in California?  

Yes we fund companies in all 50 states, Mexico and Canada.

I’d like to offer terms to my customers so I can do business with companies that don’t have the cash flow requisite to pay me on delivery.  My customers need a payment plan.

You have described ArTex Funding’s customer/vendor financing program, in which ArTex Funding ostensibly acts as the client's private finance company. Through this program, ArTex provides the funding and back-end operations the client needs to consistently grow their customer base.

How long does it take to get me funded?  

This depends on the time required to submit your application and supporting documents. After you submit these materials, you will speak briefly with our underwriter. Clients typically receive full funding within 12 business days of the underwriter's approval.

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