ArTex Funding: Alternative Working-Capital, Asset-Based Lending


Is your company experiencing problems with cash flow or working capital? Have traditional lending sources turned you down?  ArTex Funding can help.

Working capital is key to a company's operating efficiency and cash flow management. Without working capital, a company may experience difficulty with payroll, buying inventory or marketing expenses.  All of these challenges can cause a company to have financial stress and possibly go out of business. Ensuring cash flow through these events requires working capital.

When there is a lack of working capital, a company generally must approach a bank, an investor, take out a line of credit, or approach private equity funds or venture capitalist. These days, banks are not the easiest places to get money. To secure a traditional loan, you need assets, strong cash flow and multiple quarters of profitability, as well as with a solid record of success. And you typically have to start paying back principle and interestimmediately after you receive it.


But what if there is an alternative? A better option? What if there is a more flexible or creative option?


ArTex Funding is an alternative lender who funds companies when they are experiencing growing pains or are in need of funding quickly to cover labor, equipment, inventory or existing contracts. A company may grow too quickly to be able to make payroll, be experiencing working capital or cash flow problems, or have just been turned down for a loan by the bank.


ArTex Funding finances your working capital using assetsthat are already in your company to help turn your accounts receivable, inventory or other balance-sheet assets into working capital. You can use these funds when and where you need them, rather than for a very specific purpose as with a bank loan. Moreover, we do not limit your line of credit. If it helps your company grow, we continue growing your credit line as your assets grow, too.


Our alternative lending options include (but are not limited to):


Invoice Funding - Factoring

You complete your sales as usual. ArTex Funding purchases the invoice, advances you a percentage of the invoice, and then waits to get paid.


Asset Based Lending

ArTex Funding leverages your corporate assets to offer your company a flexible, revolving line of credit, term loan or factoring line.


Hard Money Lending

We provide real estate collateral-backed loans for short-term acquisitions, fix and flips, cash out and development capital. This is also known as real estate private debt bridge funding.


Unsecured Business Funding

We can get your corporation a Line of Credit or Term Loan even if you have all your corporate assets tied up with liens against them.  This tends to be more expensive form of funding but this bridge loan can be as short as three months or as long of a term of 2 years.  This funding is used if you have a deal that needs to close fast and you can make a sizable profit.



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